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Your Guide to Taking Sandostatin LAR Depot

Sandostatin® (octreotide acetate) comes in 2 different formulations: Sandostatin® (octreotide acetate) Immediate-Release Injection and Sandostatin® LAR Depot (octreotide acetate) for injectable suspension.

  • Both formulations contain the same active ingredient, octreotide acetate. The difference between them is how often a patient receives treatment, what type of injection he or she is given, and who gives it (self-injected vs doctor administered)

  • If your doctor has prescribed Sandostatin for the first time, you will start treatment with Sandostatin Immediate-Release Injection

  • Your doctor will identify if Sandostatin LAR Depot is right for you based on your response after 2 weeks of treatment with Sandostatin Immediate-Release Injection

Remember to tell your doctor about any symptoms you're having

Here’s What to Expect While Taking Sandostatin Therapy:

Sandostatin Injection:

Immediate-release formulation

Sandostatin LAR Depot:

Long-acting formulation

Administered 2 to 4 times per day during the first 2 weeks of therapy; as an injection under the skin of the thigh, upper arm, or abdomen

Given by self injection

Administered once every 4 weeks as an injection into the muscle tissue of the buttocks

Administered by a trained health care provider

You may be given supplemental Sandostatin Immediate-Release Injection (at the dose you were receiving previously) if you experience symptom flare-ups while on Sandostatin LAR Depot

You are encouraged to report any side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit,  or call 1-800-FDA-1088.